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Going Postal: More than ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ by Brow Books
“In 2017 the queer and gender-diverse community of Australia undertook an incredible campaign of everyday activism around marriage equality. As individuals and collectives we shared our personal stories with our networks – from social media, to workplace to school playground…”

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How To Manage Life When You Keep Overcommitting Yourself

Need to stop running yourself thin? Here are some great ways to better manage your time. 5Why

How To Make The Vegetables You Buy Last Longer

Stop wasting your hard earned cash by throwing it in the bin. Uni Junkee

Why We Need To Ditch Donating Stuff To Op Shops (And What To Do Instead)

Addressing Australia’s love affair with dumping our waste.  Uni Junkee

Mario and My Mother

A memoir piece reflecting on the loss of a parent to a hereditary condition. Girls Will Be Girls

The Straight Relationship That Made Me Realise I Am Gay

An op-ed about sexuality and realising who you’re not.  Uni Junkee

Tidbit Cakes

Vegan treats good enough to satisfy any sweet tooth. WeekendNotes 

Why You Need To Get Yourself a Bicycle

Need a jazzercize your routine? Jump on a bike.  The Free Life Seekers

The Unexpected Perks Of Having a Frenemy At Uni

Some people just get under your skin. Here is how to use them to your advantage. Uni Junkee

5 Tips That’ll Help You Nail Your New Year’s Goals

Giving up on your goals is so 2017. Uni Junkee

How To Grocery Shop If You’re Thinking About Cutting Back On Meat

Help prevent destroying the planet by following these handy shopping tips. Uni Junkee 

Why You Really Gotta Get Yourself A Pushbike

I want to ride my bicycle! Uni Junkee 

Melbourne's Must Try Vegetarian Resturants

Skip the meat and head to some of Melbourne’s finest. The Free Life Seekers

How To Prepare For A Skype Interview (AKA The Hardest Kind Of Interview)

Make sure you’re prepared for the new way of interviewing: digitally.  Uni Junkee



A story about weather and change. Rabelais Magazine

Nothing Birds

A visual piece in response to the theme, “Words On the Street”. Darebin Writing Date 

You Don't Need to be Rich to Save the Enviroment

A simple list for University students to challenge their behaviour about consumption. Rabelais Magazine

She Keeps Asking

Plebiscites and families. A fiction piece about what are we teaching our children. Right Now

5 Electives That Will Help Your Future Career

Spend your electives wisely; you’ll thank yourself later. Uni Junkee

Queen of Spades

Melbourne’s first board game Cafe. WeekendNotes Melbourne

Fonda Mexican Resturant

Modern Mexican mixed with the colour of Melbourne. WeekendNotes Melbourne

Smith & Daughters Resturant

Vegan food at its finest. WeekendNotes Melbourne

How To Banish Imposter Syndrome Before Graduation

Back yourself and don’t let imposter syndrome get in your way. Uni Junkee

Friday Ghost

A poem inspired by Emily Doe and her 2015 encounter with Brock Turner. Right Now

7 Things You Should Definitely Leave Off Your Resume

Keep your resume readable with these handy tips. Uni Junkee

5 Part-Time Jobs You Can Have Right Now To Help Your Future Career

Gain skills now; get employed later. Uni Junkee

5 Practical Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Don’t let your international trip get the better of you. Uni Junkee

Quote Me, Baby!

Is my relationship less than yours? Same sex relationships don’t need your quotation marks. The QUO

Two Years Lonely

A think piece about education, employment and the mess in between. Rabalais Magazine

The Best Vegan Desserts North of Melbourne

Cruelty-free sugar treats around Melbourne. Received the Bronze Editors Choice Award. WeekendNotes Melbourne

Dog-Friendly Bars in Thornbury/ Preston

Pooch friendly places to enjoy a vino north of Melbourne. WeekendNotes Melbourne

Go Plastic Free in 2017

Tips for minimising your plastic usage. WeekendNotes Melbourne

WA Roller Derby: 2017 Home Season Opener

Roller Derby hits Perth with a bang! WeekendNotes Perth


Antz Inya Pantz Coffee Company, Victoria Park

Environmentally friendly coffee. WeekendNotes Perth

Bogan Bingo at Rosie O’Gradys

Bingo, bogans and roller derby. WeekendNotes Perth

Bar Lafayette

Enjoy a cocktail in the fanciest place in Perth! WeekendNotes Perth

Wanderlust 108 Perth 2016

A whole day of holistic goodness. WeekendNotes Perth

WA Roller Derby – Electric Screams V Sonic Doom

A roller derby final for the ages. WeekendNotes Perth

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