Kelly Jade Walker




Hello! I am a creative writer based in Melbourne and recently finished my BA in Creative Writing & Professional Writing and Publishing from Curtin University in 2017.

I am a regular contributor to Uni Junkee and supported by my passion for Australian politics, sustainable living and the health, rights and future of women, I have pieces published with The QUO, Right Now and F*EMS Zine. I also submit to WeekendNotes (both Perth and Melbourne) covering lifestyle, events and local businesses.

Bringing my experience from the Women’s Empowerment Program at Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Melbourne and writing copy for multiple non-for profits, I am currently a Non-Fiction Editor for Right Now, an independent not-for-profit media organisation focused on human rights issues in Australia.

When I’m not writing, I’m playing roller derby or watching women-driven political dramas.

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